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The blog will be divided into 3 sections – 


#Making money – which I learned after meeting hundreds of people in my journey who are making money working from home without much of investment.

#Saving money – which I learned the most while bootstrapping my startup (started with an investment of Rs. 6000 and at one point was generating a revenue of Rs. 4 lakhs a month).

#Tools and Websites – As I said, my startup was bootstrapped and I have used as many free tools as possible to sustain. In this category, I will share about tools and websites which will help you to start and operate a business on Internet.



As you could easily guess by the sections mentioned above, my intention is to share knowledge about how to start an online business and to grow it further. It’s all about various business options available at various budgets and resources required to make it a sustainable one.


#Posts for Making Money online and earning from home:

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#Posts for Saving Money:

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#Posts discussing various tools and websites for online business:

10 chrome extensions to increase productivity

10 website we all must know



There are various ways through which money can be made and a business can be started. There are people who have become a millionaire by leveraging the power of the Internet and have proved that it is possible to make the Internet a serious business ground. This blog is at a very initial stage and more and more useful articles will be added in the coming days.


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