21 offline businesses you can start from your village

Time has changed a lot in the last 2 years after the entry of JIO. India has the cheapest 4G internet in the entire world and with its population increasing every other day, huge opportunities are being created. Online businesses are always easy to create from anywhere like a blog (this one), dropshipping based e-commerce and various others. Still, there are some of us who are excellent in doing offline business, for them here we have 21 offline businesses you can start from your village.





  1. Opening a Recyclable Paper Plate Manufacturing plant:   This is definitely not a new business idea and a lot of people have been doing this. What has changed lately is the scope of selling it. There are a lot of B2B portals which have come up like Udaan and IndiaMart through which the product can be sold beyond the local market. The penetration of the Internet has created a new opportunity at a global scale for every size of business. The machine to manufacture paper plates cost around Rs. 25000 to start with and goes up to lakhs depending on the production capacity. It doesn’t need a lot of space to set up and neither needs skilled training. To know more click here
  2. Incense Sticks Manufacturing company:  India has a huge population which goes to temple every day or use incense sticks at their home. Incense sticks have been there for a really long time in India and slowly but steadily the market for incense sticks has changed. A set of the population has moved beyond using regular incense sticks and falls in the premium segment which uses organic and unique fragrances. There are premium brands like Iremia and HelpusGreeen which sells incense sticks at a very premium price. This business can be started under Rs.50000 and with proper marketing and packaging, it can be sold on various online platforms.
  3. Home Made Pickle:  Food is something which is never going out of trend and we are always excited about new products. Also, slowly and steadily, the rural population is moving towards organic food. People want to try beyond the pickles available on the shelf and home-made pickles are a way to go about it. There are a lot of brands which prepare home-made pickle based on their expertise and local availability. These brands have become a niche in their segment and have a very loyal customer base. Few brands you can follow are Graminway, Pickleshickle, etc.  The cost to start is very less and over time it can be grown slowly using various online selling platforms.
  4. Snacks and Papad:  With Growing Population and migration of people from their home state to metros, the demand for local cuisine has increased a lot. People are ready to pay a premium price to receive local food and condiments from their home state as this makes them feel nostalgic. Manufacturing Papad and other snacks at the local level are not a costly affair. We can start in small batches and promote online to start the sells. As we create the brand we can expand our business at a commercial level.
  5. Start a Dairy Farm:  This may seem little unusual as it cannot be sold on an online platform. With regard to offline business, it’s one of the best long term business and can lead to a really huge business over the course of time.  This can be started at various scale depending on the budget we have. The milk can be sold to a local collection center or a large quantity can be sold to companies which produce milk products. In Karnataka, we have something called Nandini and in Delhi, we have something called Mother Dairy which collects milk from local milk producers.
  6. Organic Farming:  People are becoming a lot of health conscious these days with their increasing interest in the consumption of organic food. Along with good for health, organic farming is also good for the land for its fertility. Organic farm produces can be sold to stores to nearest tier 2 cities. This can fetch a good price and at the same time can also impact the health of many people.
  7. Selling Seeds and Fertilizers: As a lot of people will be moving into organic farming, the demand for seeds and organic fertilizers will also increase. This can be a good business which will grow in the time to come.
  8. Flower Farming: Marriage and festivals are two major kinds of celebrations in India. No matter what, people won’t stop spending lavishly on festivals and making marriages a grand marriage. Flower farming can be a lucrative business as most of the time, there is always a high demand for fresh flowers and in some cases, exotics like orchids are very highly appreciated.
  9. Local Handicrafts: This is a very lucrative business and always in high demand as people will always be desperate to connect to their roots in various ways. Saying that this is not an easy business to do as it has a lot of wheels and all must align to keep the business running. There are two ways to do it.  Read “How to create a Local Handicraft Business” for more info.
  10. Coconut Farming Business: Coconut is usually described and nature’s best gift to mankind and contains many health benefits. As more and more people are getting aware of the benefits, virgin coconut oil is increasing in demand. Production of organic coconut oil takes more raw materials compared to regular coconut oil and hence the requirement is ever increasing. Anyone who is residing near a coastal area can start focusing on coconut farming.
  11. Olive Farming Business: The story is the same as coconut oil. The demand is ever increasing and also awareness. If you are staying anywhere where the climate supports olive farming, the time is ripe to get into it. The demand will keep growing every year and the sooner we enter, the better it is.
  12. Shrimp Farming:  India is the second largest shrimp exporter in the world after China. Shrimp is consumed in various parts of the world in different cuisines and different forms. There is always a huge demand for shrimp and getting into the export business can only be lucrative to the least.
  13. Spice Powder Manufacturing: There are only a few national brands in the powdered spice manufacturing industry in India. There is enough scope to create a small company as a lifestyle business from small towns and villages. Since its on local level and controlled manufacturing, spend on marketing can be exempted and that cost-benefit can be provided to the customer. We can start with only one kind of spice and then can add further items as we grow.
  14. Tissue Papermaking:  Tissue paper has moved from hotels and restaurants to households due to hygiene awareness. Also, there are various kinds of tissues like wet tissue, premium tissue which can be product extension. It’s not a very cheap business to enter like earlier businesses and it may need around 5 lakhs to start with.
  15. Gym or Fitness Center: With the ever increase of Instagram and social media, we follow a lot of fitness influencers. The awareness of being fit is increasing and reaching to small towns. A small fitness center or gym can be a good source of regular revenue.
  16. Airbnb: If you are staying in scenic villages, one can definitely register on Airbnb or on many other similar platforms. This will help to earn some money from using the spare room of your house while providing accommodation to people from other culture and place. This is a good fun way to earn some extra money without any major investment.
  17. Paper Bag Making: Go Green” is not only the trend but also a necessity to make the world a better place to live. Authorities are taking great measures to ban plastics and promote the use of bio-degradable. Manufacturing paper bags can be good business keeping the upcoming demand in the picture.
  18. Food Business: Marriages and other family functions in villages need a large quantity of food to be prepared. As most of the young population is moving out of the villages to cities, people are looking to outsource the catering needs. It’s a great opportunity to organize this sector in small towns and villages by creating a team and making money out of it.
  19. Appliance Repair Business: With the reach of Indian e-commerce to nooks and corners of India, people are buying heavy electronic items. The problem persists in repairing and servicing of these electronic gadgets and equipment. During to distance issue, the services provided by online vendors are not available immediately. Setting up a good quality repair and service center can fill this gap and can turn out to be a profitable business.
  20. Jewelry Making: This is a skilled level business where you need to have a particular skill of jewelry making. Once designed, the product can be sold offline to stores in nearby cities or can be sold online as well on various platforms as a small business.
  21. Photography Services: The rise of social media and particularly Instagram has made people look conscious. Everyone wants to look at their best, photography becomes a very important part of the process of capturing someone’s moment at its best. Setting up a good quality photography business can become high in demand business in small towns. The cost to set up this business can come under a lakh with basic equipment and smart photography and editing skills.


That was the list of 21 offline businesses you can start from your village. Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your loved ones.

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