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Factors to take care before opening a Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen is one of the most popular concepts in the food industry due to its low cost of operation and lot many other factors. If you haven’t yet read about cloud kitchen then read ” What is a cloud Kitchen” and ” Cloud Kitchen vs Dine-In Restaurant” to know more about it. Once you understand the above article, we can move ahead regarding factors to take care before opening a cloud kitchen.


Cloud Kitchen


There is nothing to defend against the ease of setting up a cloud kitchen compared to what goes in setting up a fine-dine restaurant. Saying that there are still a few major and minor steps to consider before deciding on setting up a cloud kitchen. We will only discuss the non-licensing points below, for licensing and policy details please read “What are the licenses and regulations for operating a cloud kitchen

  1. Choice of Location: Choice of location plays a very important role in the amount of visibility and in the possibility of getting more orders. Since its not a fine dine restaurant and there is no ambiance or service quality to show-off to attract customers, it all boils down to the kind of locality. A successful cloud kitchen must be around the area where people who reside have less time and more disposable money. The popular quote “Go where your customer stays” is even true for cloud kitchen.
  2. Choice of Menu: Not everything on the menu works well for a cloud kitchen and hence menu selection plays a vital role in the frequency of order and kind of customers we can target for. Anything which is high on plating is not a suitable item for any cloud kitchen. Since its a delivery only model, the closer the food remains when it is received by the customer compared to when it was prepared, better are the chances of positive reviews. This is the reason artisan foods are not successful in cloud kitchen model. Items like Sizzlers, Patthar Gosht never works well in the delivery model. To read in details about Menu, please read “The Best Selling items in a Cloud Kitchen
  3. Optimization of food preparation: This is the trickiest part of operating a cloud kitchen, efficiency vs optimization need to be well balanced to make the business successful. When it comes to dine-in, we can have a bandwidth of small delay in serving as the customer eats the food from the table. In the case of cloud kitchen, the time gap between food ordered and food received takes traveling time and food preparation time into account. Since we cannot actually control traveling time, optimization needs to be handled at the kitchen level. The faster the order leaves the kitchen, the better it is for the customer and overall for the business to grow.
  4. Packaging: As mentioned in one of the points above, the less the difference between the condition at which the food leaves the kitchen and the condition at which food is received by the customer, the better it is for everyone involved, Packaging plays a major role here in keeping the food intact and maintaining the temperature. Good choice of packaging is really important for a cloud kitchen as it represents the overall brand. You can read “5 things to consider while selecting your food packaging” to know more in detail about packaging.
  5. The Food: Logically this should have been at the top, but it’s assumed that most of the cloud kitchen owners prepare good food as per their knowledge and fumble in the above-mentioned points. Definitely food quality and freshness in one of the most important parts of the entire business and need to be very well taken care of before everything else. Unlike dine-in, we cannot compensate for food quality with good service, ambiance, and music. The taste, quality, and freshness become the most important thing for customer stickiness.


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