tricks to save money

Save Money by Applying Easy Hacks

All of us must have faced the situation where the difference in our bank balance on the day of salary and after 10th day is huge.We all need to pay our bills and also the contribution of some EMI’s getting auto deducted make our wallet empty. Now we know most of the things are unavoidable and it is a well-known fact that “One cannot become rich if they don’t save money“. 


Saving money is a day to day process and should be a part of our habit. There can be various ways to save money like saving money by not using a credit card, saving money by making purchases during SALE and few more. Most of the people may call you cheap or a miser when you always think about saving money, but there is a difference between being frugal and a miser. Here at ReloadYourWallet, we learn about saving money by being frugal and not by being a miser.


The easiest way to save money is by changing your spending habits to keep your bank account and wallet loaded. You can learn here few tricks to save money without much effort.Other than this, one can save money by applying few tricks from time to time which we discuss below.


#Using Cashback Web sites:

It’s a known fact that we all purchase most of our needs online including electronics, clothes shoes and even groceries. We all love the discounts provided by these e-commerce websites and prefer them over local retailers. What if we can earn a little extra discount other than the ones provided by e-commerce websites. Most of us are unaware or may be not active on cash back websites which provides additional cash backs of up to 10% in few cases while purchasing any product through websites like CashKaro. Don’t forget to use this website to save money by applying small hack while purchasing anything online. 


#Using Deal Sites:

The Internet has taken over the business world and it is changing the business models in every field. We can purchase or reserve everything online nowadays which also includes buying services like Salon, Restaurant Table booking, Spa and sports activities. These are the services which we need to avail from time to time and to save money on them will always be exciting. Nearbuy is one such service which can be used to find nearby deals for your salon, restaurant needs etc. They offer amazing discounts on few services which can make your day and can help you save a lot.


#Buying Groceries Online:

There are many websites available in metro cities which help us to buy our groceries online and they offer great discounts as well. With the wave of entrepreneurship reaching the smaller cities, we have new startups cropping up in tier 2 cities as well which deliver groceries online. These websites provide good discounts by eliminating the middle man and directly dealing with the consumers.

We should prefer to use them as much as possible at least for groceries if not for vegetables and fruits. You can use Amazon Pantry and Amazon Now (cheapest option available as of now) for their exceptional service and competitive pricing.


#Using Payment Wallets:

We all know about the popular wallets including Paytm, Mobikwik, Amazon Pay, Zeta (in metro cities) for their amazing Cash Backs on various purchases. We can book various deals like Movie Tickets, bus tickets and even pay for groceries etc on many websites through the wallets to get cashback. For e.g BigBasket was offering Rs.100 cash back on payment through PayTm. Utilize these small options available to save money.


#Choose Buffet over Ala Carte: 

We all like to go out for lunch or dinner on weekends though it’s good to prepare food at home to save money and stay healthy.  Choosing buffet over ala carte saves a lot of money and also adds a lot of variety in our plate (min 3-4 people). Even the smallest buffet menu comes with around 10 items whereas, for the same number of varieties, ala carte would cost a bomb for a group of 3-4 people. So choose buffet both to save money and also to taste a variety of food. 


#Buy Clothes During Sale:

Everybody knows that we get stuff on discounts during the sale. The rise of e-commerce sites and their fight to own the major share has resulted in a lot of online Sales. One must keep track of these sales and make all the required purchase during these sales. Also make note that, even some offline stores like Brand Factory (for clothes), Sangeetha (for cell phones), Individual Brand Showrooms for Shoes offer big sales during the month of July and Jan-Feb.

Plan accordingly to save money and load your cupboard every time during these Sales.


#Use Price Comparison Websites:

Many times it happens that same product is available at different prices at various websites while we will be just searching that particular product on a couple of well-known websites like and We must use price comparison websites like pricedekho , mysmartprice,  smartprix etc to determine where we can find a particular product cheaper. The same logic applies during sale period as well since most of the big websites launch their sale during the same period.

Most of these websites have their chrome extensions as well which can show the price for a product from various websites during your product exploration.



Apart from these small hacks, you can also save money on income tax by few of these not so popular tax saving options. We will keep adding various other option to save money by doing small hacks in daily life which doesn’t take much effort. 


Bonus Tip: On contrary to popular belief, you can also save money by using Credit Card.