Various Ways To Earn From Home- A Passive Income

Most of us will agree to the boredom which comes with the 9-5 job and almost all of us would have thought to get rid of that schedule and start working to earn from home at some point in time. The question remains, how many of us have actually tried to do something about it. Our normal schedule is to get angry at our current situation only to repeat it again from the next day without doing anything about it. Albert Einstein once said,


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.


Many of us even try to start something and put some extra effort but 90% of us leave doing it after some time mostly because of not seeing any outcome of it. Let’s understand the thumb rule of creating a passive income ” It takes time and a lot of effort.”  Period. Creating your own business running from home is not a one-day event and cannot be achieved in a short period of time. Every beautiful thing needs to be crafted and nurtured to get the attention and become an authority. If you want to be one of the successful ones who have crafted their own destiny and is currently doing what they love to do, you need to have an immense amount of patience and need to put continuous effort to reach your goal. For some, it may take few months while for others it may take a couple of years but with continuous input, you can be rest assured, the success will definitely come. A lot of factors come into picture like the domain one choose to work, their location and probably the amount of time one can put in the initial days. As most of us will be starting our online business along with our day job, it becomes more important to remain consistent and patient to achieve success.


There are various ways available to start working and earn from homeThe charm of online business is that any skill can be used to create a business out of it, one just need to find their skill and various ways to monetize them. The problem is that most of us don’t take ourselves seriously and follow others opinion about us. If someone in the office told us that we are not good at coding, we agree to them and start doing a support role. If someone says that we are not good at the sports we play, we either stop playing or accept the criticism. There is one basic rule which my father used to say and I have learned it the hard way “Nobody learns anything from their birth“, all greats became great on this earth by their sheer hard work, passion, and dedication to learning. If you have a hobby and you think you can become good at that, start working from day 1 and become a master in that. Once you take this journey and achieve even a fraction of success, you can inspire millions like you to become better every day. It’s all about being confident and trusting our instincts to cement our place in the online business community.

Most of us have the passion to achieve something, to start a new life, a life of independence, a life of flexibility, a life where we can spend more time with our family. What we lack are some motivation and starting tips to take the first step to a new journey of financial freedom. We at Reload your wallet try to share such small tips and motivational stories which can help you to start something of your own. We like to provide various ideas to start your own online business along with tools and tips required to earn from home while living your passion. 

Let us see few options which can be started from home without the need of much equipment other than your skill and can be turned into a full-time profession. 


#Online Courses

Teaching is one of the noblest profession where you impart your knowledge to others to excel them in life.  The dimension of teaching has improved a lot in the last decade in India. There are various options through which one can create courses and offer them on various platforms of online courses. The Internet penetration is increasing every day in India and more and more people are able to access content online, thanks to the Internet Revolution by Jio.  One can create any kind of course based on their skillset and can upload on these platforms on revenue sharing basis.  Some of the most popular non-conventional courses which never existed online a few years ago are like



#Beauty Makeups.

#Advanced MS Excel.

#Jewelery Making.

#and many such things.

There are various tools for creating online courses which can be used to create a good course with quality content to earn a residual income from various platforms. The course can be divided into two levels like Basic and Advanced based on the content and can be sold on a freemium model to users.


#Counselling Services

There is an increasing pressure both at work and outside work for everyone which is creating a sense of instability and insecurity. People don’t have time to go to counseling services and there can be various other reasons for it as well. An experienced person who understands the complexity a person is going through can provide their suggestions and can save a lot of people from going through some bad phases of their life. I personally believe that one doesn’t need to be a professional to offer mental counseling service. It’s the experience and the ability to understand one’s problem which makes a person apt for providing such services. Mental health is one of the least discussed and most feared topics in India due to its conservative nature of being wrongly related to madness. People feel shy (afraid of societal assumptions) of visiting any psychiatrist to seek help, however getting such services from the comfort of their home without letting anyone assume something can be of great value to any individual. A genuine counseling service with good suggestions can help a lot in establishing a large clientele to run a business from home and at the same time can be lucrative as well. Once you are able to create a decent client list and gain some success online, you can also create your own website yourself to generate new leads which can be further converted to regular clients. One just needs a good hosting service and a domain of your choice to start your online presence. You can host your website at Bluehost as they are the best hosting provider with excellent customer support (this website is also hosted on Bluehost)


#Translation Services

21st century is all about the Internet and being connected to one another through various mediums. Through the usage of Internet, distances of miles are erased and communication has become faster. Along with communication, content consumption has increased a lot due to the fact that one can consume any information about anyone which is available on the Internet. Today I can learn about organic farming online and can open my own kitchen garden, BUT what if my mother wants to learn about kitchen gardening who cannot read English. We don’t have enough contents online in vernacular languages to reach out to rural people and share the knowledge. The unavailability of quality translation service is one of the major reason why many popular blogs/website is still not known to many, the quality content is still not reached to the non-English population. If you are having a good command over your native language, you can provide such services to many companies, publishers who are looking to convert their content into regional languages. I personally know people who are earning close to 50-60K per month by just providing translation service. With a digital push from Indian Government for “Digital India”, the demand for such services will only rise creating a magnitude of opportunities in the coming days. 


# YouTube Videos

A million thanks to Jio for revolutionizing the Indian Telecom market, now even a rural family can watch movies and videos online by paying a justified amount. If you would have noticed, any movie trailer released on youtube doesn’t need more than a couple of days to reach 10 million views. Media and Film production companies hype this data as their content quality, while the truth behind this major jump in the number of views is the Internet penetration in tier 3 and tier 4 cities in India. This reach can be utilized by any person working from home to create YouTube videos and establish a business around it. We don’t need the content to be in English like earlier days, a good content is any language can find its audience which can generate a decent sum of money. Recently I came to know about someone whose mom (who is nearly senior citizen age) is earning 1 lakh+ in a month by making cooking videos in Hindi. You can read about this oldest YouTuber who has garnered a huge fan following even without saying anything. Read further to know (links will be updated soon) 

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#5  Freelance Writing

Content is slowly becoming an important division of any company. It can be for marketing their products or services or it can also be done for generating traffic. At the end of the day, content is the king and it will always be required. If you are good at writing and can connect to your readers, there are ample opportunities to write on various topics, it just depends on your interests and skills. One can provide their writing service as a ghost writer, article writer, website content developer and marketing material content developer. There is no dearth is opportunities for good writers and the payout is also good which keeps on increasing with experience. This service can be provided from home with the help of just a laptop/desktop and a good Internet connection.  Read further to know (links will be updated soon)

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There are many other options to start work from home to earn a decent income which can be chosen based on resource availability and skill set. Read further to know (links will be updated soon) –

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One can choose any option they feel comfortable with keeping in mind that, there is no shortcut to success. Building an online customer base where one cannot meet you and discuss face to face takes some time as it completely depends on trust. To come out of these issues, we can use various communications tools like skype, WhatsApp video call etc. There is no right time or the right level of skill set to start anything, even a basic skill set can be good enough to start with which can be slowly developed with each project being delivered. Everyone needs to start something from somewhere and that somewhere need not be your best version, the only thing we need to understand is that we need to improve with each of our work. 

Rather than waiting and planning to start your online business, it’s good to start now by identifying what service you can deliver in the best possible way. Share your thoughts in the comments on the options we discussed above and also please share if you find any other ideas which you think can be turned into an online business which can be pursued fulltime. We all can help each other to grow our online community by sharing our knowledge and experience with others.