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Hello everyone, I am Mayank. I am currently working a day job in a startup and creating reload your wallet to shares ideas and experiences about the minimalist lifestyle, Personal finance, and ideas to increase our income.

Past and Present

Someone who has lived paycheck to paycheck and credit card lifestyle. Been there, suffered that.

Someone who is more responsible and leading a minimalist lifestyle. I have very few friends but good ones, very few clothes but quality ones and fewer gadgets but enough for me. Some savings for bad days, a good fitness routine and no junk food lifestyle.

How it all started

It all started one day with one particular event in 2018 that disturbed the entire family from roots. Being the eldest son of the family, I am rightly bestowed with some responsibility.

I was also an entrepreneur with two startups having moderate success but eventually had to shut down for various reasons. I somehow realize that, if I would have been a bit frugal in my approach I could have saved them both.

Taking a step back made me think about my lifestyle and how I am utilizing my funds. Am I really happy doing what I am doing or the lifestyle I am leading? Do we always need shopping and other materialistic things or purchases to become happy? 2018 had been the worst time for me from the start (Jan 1) with multiple heartbreaking and life-shattering events.

With all these thoughts going through my mind, I finally decided to pull the plug and try to be a minimalist. It looked tough, actually very very tough to say NO to myself before jumping at anything. Since suffered a lot by being irresponsible, Somehow, I made my mind to give myself 1 year and push for it. After all these efforts, I could achieve something and the journey continues. You can read a few posts related to my journey of a minimalist lifestyle below, and more will be updated later.

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These are not a one-day process and throughout the journey, we all need help from someone to lead a new way of life. There can be various sources of inspiration. Some people you know, some books you read or some person you follow. I followed the below-mentioned blogs which helped me to start the journey and I personally love reading them.

Reading My Tea Leaves

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