10 things which I own as a minimalist person

As we have been iterating in this blog, minimalism is a lifestyle and not a destination. We take a few steps towards minimalism, we learn more and we take a few steps more. I have been learning more and more about my journey in this new lifestyle. One of the process was decluttering my cupboard. In the process of reducing the clutter in my life, I have zeroed upon these 10 things which I carry as a minimalist person apart from my clothes. One can do without all these 10 things or may need a couple of more things depending on their necessity.

Minimalist Person
  1. My Wallet: This is something I doubt anybody can leave without especially in India where it is still not a completely cashless economy. I make sure to carry fewer items in my wallet and only some cash whenever I decide to leave my house. We all must keep decluttering out wallet once in a while as we tend to store some un-necessary papers a lot of time.
  2. My Mobile Phone: There is nothing to say much about it as to why I carry my mobile phone as its a necessity more than a want.
  3. My Specs: I have been wearing specs for quite some time now though not always. Since, my work mostly involves laptops, carrying my specs becomes mandatory.
  4. My earphones: I try my best to carry my earphones all the time. I only have two earphones with me now, one is this particular Bluetooth earphone, it cannot match BOSE etc but definitely serves the purpose. The other one is JBL wired earphone and it works really good with my phone.
  5. Gym Shaker: Apart from the earlier 4 things which I carry almost every time, the next 6 items are the only ones which I own and use on day to day basis. I try to keep myself fit as much as possible and need an external source of protein to complete my diet. I use whey protein for this purpose and a goof shaker becomes mandatory for me.
  6. My watch: It’s only been a little over 1 year that I started wearing a watch and somehow it became a habit now though I don’t wear it all the time. It’s true that a good complete a man’s dress but again its a perception. I had this watch from fossil which I lost somewhere a couple of days back 🙁 .
  7. Bluetooth Speaker: I love listening to music and If not traveling or at the office, I try to avoid earphones. I have this boat Bluetooth speaker, it’s a waterproof one so that I can carry it during bathing. Its been there with me for 2 years and works like a charm.
  8. My Sunglass: I have only one pair of sunglass and its enough as it’s only used if I travel outside the city. Personally not very comfortable with wearing sunglasses everywhere. Till the purpose is served, I will prefer to continue with it, as of now its almost 4 years old.
  9. My AirFryer: This is one of the best purchases I ever did. It was an extremely impulsive purchase and somewhat a gift I gave to myself. It turned out to be the best RoI. More about why, some other time. It’s not been a day that I haven’t used it and haven’t felt good about my decision. I am using this particular brand for around two years and it has already paid its investment long back.
  10. My Fruit bag: It seems a bit out of the way to carry fruit. This is a new habit which I have developed recently and its one of the best habit I have chosen. Since I have a very high metabolic rate and as a result, I get hungry every 2-3 hours. Now either I use to eat something which I don’t want to or I had to restrain my hunger. Keeping an Apple or a couple of bananas helps a lot to maintain my diet as well as hunger.

There is a huge difference between being frugal or minimalist and being a miser. The basic list of the things I own ends here and all of these seem mandatory as of now to me. Please add your list of items that you own and you think it’s mandatory for you. Feel free to share your ideas and comments in the comments section below.

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