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5 Minimalist Food habits

As we must have understood so far, minimalism is not a destination. It’s a lifestyle and minimalism is incorporated in every aspect of our life. Be it finances, food habits, clothing etc. Choice of food is one of the primary reason for an unhealthy lifestyle for most people. A minimalist approach to food can help us towards living a healthy life. We will see 5 minimalist food habits that can be incorporated in our day to day life.

  1. Eat Regular Breakfast: The first of the many minimalist food habits is having regular breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, ironically it’s also the most missed meal with most of the people. The only reason is the rush of going to the office, school or college. In spite of all these, one must find time to have some breakfast without fail to maintain a healthy life. One must also note that it shouldn’t be extremely heavy breakfast.
  2. Avoid Oil: If you are from/(or ever visited) India or its neighbours, you must know how much we love oil and spices. As a sub-continent, we got into these food habits, when everything was organic. Keeping current times, organic still is a distant dream. Obesity is a primary reason for many diseases and consumption of food cooked heavily with the support of oil must be strictly avoided.
  3. Eating home-cooked food: No matter how hard we try, it’s quite impossible to find a completely healthy food outside. The best habit is to eat home-cooked food. If you are staying with your family, it’s very easy to choose home-cooked food. If you are a bachelor or spinster, then you must hunt options which can be cooked easily in a short span of time. It may not be as delicious as outside food, but it’s definitely much healthier and one of the most important minimalist food habits.
  4. Carry your own food: This may not be possible all the time, though definitely not impossible. If you have made yourself comfortable with eating homemade food, then eating outside for lunch is not a good choice. At first, it might look slightly awkward when everyone else on the table is ordering various options. Having control over our food and our preferences take us way ahead than others in leading a healthy and minimalist life.
  5. Take what you eat: We all know, it’s bad to waste food. At the same time, we also know most people don’t follow it. As a minimalist person and someone who wants to incorporate minimalist food habits into their life, not to waste food are a priority. It doesn’t matter whether we cook or order, taking on the plate only what we can eat is a must-follow rule. A sincere minimalist person will never waste food intentionally, the preference is always to refill than fill excess.

There are various other ways through which we can incorporate minimalist food habits in our day to day life. To know more about minimalist lifestyle you can start with 5 traits of a minimalist person. If you know any such habits which can help our readers, please share it in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share your ideas and comments as well.

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