5 Reasons why you need a career change

The title of the post may sound bit scary at once. But if you are here that means you are definitely not very happy in your current job or role and may be you need a career change.

you need a career change

How to know whether you need a career change or not ?

Whom should we discuss to understand whether you need a career change ?

Will it be too much risk to change a career at current stage of your career ?

and many such questions needs to be answered before deciding whether you need a career change or role change in your life.  Instead of asking anyone else, you are your best critic unless and until you ignore yourselves. We all know our strength and weakness , our desires and likes so you can definitely decide whether you need a career change or not. Most of the time, we fail to realize and to understand the indications of situations which screams at us that we need to change our career or role. Its agreeable that not everyone can change career whenever they want due to many levels of personal constraints. At the same time, most of can but we don’t realize if we actually need it. We will see 5 signs below which can tell if you need a career change.

# You were pushed into your current career: This is very common in India that our parents decide during our 10th itself as how our career will look like 10 years down the line. If you are good in studies then either you will become doctor or engineer. If you are average then probably you will choose commerce and otherwise you are left out with arts (Humanities) . If you are one of the most cases and if you still think that you are in the wrong place, then probably this is the right time to come out of it. Find what actually you want to do, your level of interest, start doing research and plan for it. Its always better late than never.

# You don’t see the growth you aspire for:  Many time it happens that our career becomes quite stagnant and we are at no fault for this. We might be good at our work but the scope of our role or career is so limited that we hit the ceiling. Dragging the same thing again and again leads to being monotonous. You might not need a career change in this case and may be a role change can help you to give the required spark to your career.

# Your skills are not utilized: A common example of this in India are people who complete mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or civil engineering ultimately lands up in IT sector doing the programming related jobs.  Most of them ultimately find their interest and grow up the ladder but some of these folks still crave to utilize their engineering skills. If you are one of those folks whose skill set and current job goes completely in opposite direction, you definitely need to take a brave action. Or else you will just be delaying the inevitable plateau of growth and insecurity which you might hit anytime.

#You wait for your 9 hours to be over: This is the most common category where most of the people will fall. The indication is very simple, if you wait for the clock to hit the completion of 9 hrs from the time you started your workstation, something is definitely wrong. If you are not happy after your workday is over and if an extra hour of work gives you headache, you need a change. There is crystal clear difference between getting tired of working and getting frustrated of working. If you are getting frustrated and its happening regularly , you must look for alternate role or career and you need a career change.

#You think you deserve more: All of us work for paycheck and there is no denying the fact that we all need it. Working for paycheck is again different from working just for paycheck. If you think you deserve better pay in your current role but you are not getting it, you better move, you are not a tree. You may have a skill set which can be polished and used to earn more than what you are earning today. Identifying the true worth of your skill set is an art, which all of us should learn.

If you find yourself in one of these categories, then you know that you need a career change. Saying that, its understandable how tough it is to leave a secure job and start a career change. All of us have certain level of liabilities and responsibilities which needs to be taken care of on a month to month basis. Its not necessary that we make a career change the moment we realize, important is to realize that we need it and then we can start the planning phase which will eventually materialize.


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