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5 Simple Steps to save unnecessary expenses

We live in a world where there are a lot of distractions and advertising. Everything we talk or everything we see/search can be used for throwing advertisements to us. We are bombarded with social media influencers, google advertising, Facebook advertising, big hoardings outside and literally everywhere. All this makes us spend more, even on things we don’t need. Below we will see 5 simple steps to save unnecessary expenses. These steps are nothing extraordinary, we all know about it. It’s just that we never realize how much are we spending until and unless somebody shows us the mirror.

Step 1 – Eating Outside:

I am a huge advocate of eating at home and not eating outside will always top the list of ways of saving money. On a personal example, when I moved to Saudi Arabia from Bangalore 6 months back I just loved the food here. The food here suits perfectly my taste buds and the nutritional value I look for with few negatives. I was eating outside (mostly only in 2 restaurants of my choice) as I don’t get bore with the same food if it provides me all the nutrition I want. Then one day I thought of removing the few negatives which come with my outside food and make it 100% healthy. From that day onwards, it’s 6 days a week at home and 1 day outside ritual for me. My previous expense was 1200 SAR ( i.e Rs. 23000 per month) and now with all the healthy food it’s around 900 SAR (i.e 18000 per month). I know its not more in terms of monetary value, but in terms of the healthy quotient, it’s a huge bump for me.

Savings so far Rs. 5000

Step 2 – Maintaining a purchase list:

How often it happened with us that we have spent more than we planned for in the supermarkets? It must be very frequently. Supermarkets are designed in a way that we spend more and do impulsive purchase out of our plan. It’s nor easy to save ourselves from this well thought out strategy unless and until we have a counter plan. Our simple plan is to maintain a purchase list. I was a regular victim of supermarkets’ strategy until a few months back before I started to have a list of purchases on my phone. I am someone who doesn’t eat processed foods or junk at all, even after that I use to spend on unnecessary green vegies or fruits which mostly goes from the refrigerator to the dustbin. For a person who is not as health-conscious as me, it would be a nightmare to go shopping without a plan. After I started making planned shopping in supermarkets, I was able to save nearly 500 SAR (i.e. Rs. 9000) in a month.

Savings so far Rs. 14000

Step 3 – Avoid Impulsive Shopping:

I was the biggest victim of this. I am an online shopper and find it very comfortable to buy everything on my phone. With ease comes problems, lots and lots of problems. To summarize the problem, I had spent nearly Rs. 1 Lakh in shopping in a span of 12 months and my cupboard was full of clothes, still for me I didn’t have anything to wear. You can read my eventful journey from a jumbled cupboard to a minimalist cupboard. Impulsive shopping is not only limited to online shoppers, it’s even a bigger problem for the offline shopper. Most of the people don’t go shopping alone and they take their friend(s) with them. If you are the tag-along friend who has no plan to buy anything in the first place, you are soon going to become the victim of impulsive shopping. Most of are can’t resist shopping for too long unless we are bankrupt. All the new clothes around us eventually pin us to spend more and unnecessarily. It takes a lot of effort and mental strength to come out of impulsive shopping. It’s very hard and it took me around 5 trips to the shopping mall with my friend to master this skill and now in the last 6 months, I spent only 65 SAR (Rs. 1000) in the name of shopping. On average it used to be Rs. 2000 excluding online shopping.

Savings so far Rs. 16000

Step 4 – Unsubscription of OTT’s:

With the availability of various OTT platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc.), access to entertainment has become easier. Also, since all OTT’s mostly produce some originals, we tend to subscribe to all of them considering ticket size is very less. I had a subscription of Zee5 along with all of the above mentioned. I only watch sometime on Netflix, I am not very sure about the last login to the remaining subscriptions. This is just a waste of money since we have very limited time and there are a lot of other important things to do. I cancelled all my subscriptions except Netflix and this saves me Rs. 300 every month.

Total savings so far Rs. 16300

Step 5 – Uninstall all the shopping apps:

Step 5 of the 5 simple steps to save unnecessary expenses in the harshest one. Most of the people would disagree with me, in my case, this saved me the most amount of money. As mentioned before, I am an online shopper and also uses my laptop mostly for work and do all the shopping on the phone. These apps were intrusive and were wallet sucker to me. It’s so easy to browse anything while you are traveling or having coffee that it becomes difficult to not fall in the trap. I uninstalled all the shopping apps and life has become a very easy post that. You can also read about digital minimalism. Keeping my past experience this almost saves me close to Rs. 5000 per month.

Total savings: Rs. 21300 per month.

Out of all the savings, only food cost can be changed to price party with respect to the Indian context and I might have saved only Rs. 2000 per month instead of Rs. 5000. So total savings becomes Rs. 18300 which is not a small number by any means. Even we add required shopping to it, we will definitely save Rs. 15000 per month if we save unnecessary expenses.

The avenues can be different for unnecessary expenses for each of us. Please share your experience with unnecessary expenses and how you managed to save it. If you write the article, feel free to share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates directly to your inbox.

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