5 traits of a minimalist person

5 traits of a Minimalist person

A minimalist lifestyle is not something which can be forced upon anyone, it must be a choice to enjoy and follow it. A minimalist lifestyle is not stopping ourselves from doing something, rather it is to enjoy what we need. Many of us misunderstand the traits of a minimalist person and the difference between being frugal and minimalist , also interchangeably use both the terms.

5 traits of a minimalist person

There are various traits of a minimalist person which can easily be identified by focusing on their approach towards their life. 5 of these are below.

  • Saying “Yes” to Financial freedom: Saying no to shopping, impulsive expenses is not always possible. It feels like we are stopping ourself against ourself. Rather than putting a blockage, we must create a new way of thought. The thought towards financial freedom by opting for things what we need and what we want. Human brain always expects Yes more comfortably than No. The trick is to change our thoughts so that we say Yes more often than No
  • Saying “Yes” to Experiences: Experience of anything remains with us for much longer than materialistic things. An experience of travelling to a new place, doing something we don’t usually do ( trekking etc) always overpower the experience of window shopping. The day we focus more on creating a collection of experiences, we take the first step towards a minimalist life. A new car no matter which one it is will lose our excitement over time, but the first mountain trek will always be special.
  • Saying to Investment in self-growth: Most of don’t think twice before buying a $10 coffee, but think 100 times before buying a $10 course on Udemy.com. The reason is immediate gratification. What we are scared of is not completing the course we bought though the validity is of a lifetime for that course. Also, we can learn the course even after one year based on need or interest. On the other hand, when it comes to coffee, we get the immediate result of a good feeling or taste. The time of RoI is very small when we compare buying a coffee and a course. Making the right choice is key here.
  • Saying No to Comparison: Everybody is unique and have a different level of skillset. Accepting ourselves as we are and improving upon it is the crux of happiness. The moment we start comparing with others, we either overestimate ourselves or underestimate ourselves. That is the start of the problem which eventually frustrates us. No matter how good we are, there would be someone better than us, no matter how much bad situation is, there would be someone in a worse situation than us. Its all about accepting ourselves. 10/10 is a myth.
  • Saying “Yes” to our Loved Ones: The world around us is moving very fast and we are busy catching up that we forget to say “hi” to our loved ones. We don’t forget to say hi to our colleagues, our bosses our clients but we forget to say, hi parents. The problem is we all realize this, but mostly when damage is done and cannot be undone anymore. Time is irreversible and choosing where to spend that 1 minute is very important. We focus more on temporary people around us to keep them happy and forget their loved ones. Finding some time for our loved ones brings a lot of peace when we close the day.

There are no fixed traits of a minimalist person, the idea is to be happy and content with ourselves and not by materialist things. The thought behind a minimalist lifestyle is to keep ourselves happy before keeping society happy.

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