Mayank Tripathi

I am Mayank Tripathi from India, the sole author of reloadyourwallet.com. I am working a 9 – 5 job in a startup and creating reload your wallet to shares ideas and experiences about minimalist living.

My Past: Someone who loved to party, who loved to shop, who loved to buy gadgets and a credit card lifestyle.

My Present: Someone who very rarely party, occasionally a can of beer, have only around 15 clothes, have just a phone in the name of gadgets, a decent amount of savings (the word decent is subjective) and a fit physique.

What didn’t change is my love for traveling, love for my bike and love for my food.

Here in this blog, I would try to cover a few things about my current lifestyle. Along with that, will cover the general approach towards saving money, time and instilling peace in our life – ALL THROUGH MINIMALISM

Businesses: Since I have an entrepreneurial experience as well, I will also write about businesses that can be started from home or with conservative investment in the section businesses. Let’s call it a way to have a minimalist business.

Lifestyle: I will try to cover lifestyle about a minimalist person, a few articles about my lifestyle. We will read about How, Why and When about a minimalist lifestyle.

Finance: Every penny saved is a penny earned – we all have heard about it. Minimalism is a great way to save money without going hard on ourselves for savings. A minimalist doesn’t need to save money, it just happens. Its like love at first sight :).

Some of the articles you can start your journey with:

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A few of the blogs which helped me to start the journey and I personally love reading them





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