From a non-minimalist cupboard to a minimalist cupboard.

Let me give a small brief about the person of the story for the context.

A guy of 30 years age, single, living in a major city in India working in IT sector.

As the profession goes, normally we tend to dress well and dress in options. Not necessary it’s required but more of like just a perception. When it comes to me, I am a tshirt and jeans guy not much focused on grooming but for some reason love to buy T-shirts.

Over a period of nearly 12 months, with the major help from myntra sale (every month they celebrate some sale for no reason), thesouledstore designs and Rs. 99 t-shirts from decathlon supported by bewakoof loyalty, I managed to create a ruckus in my life. This I realized when I had to pack my bags as I was moving to a new city for some short term gig. The cupboard had always been ugly and resembled mystery hunting for me. In a nutshell, it was a mess and concretely a non-minimalist cupboard. The cupboard was looking somewhat like this.

Non-minimalist Cupboard
for reference

When I decided to pack my bag for travel and as we have a limit on the weight we can carry on flights, I had to choose between what I want to take and what not to. Suddenly, the moment became from packing to self-realization. What the hell I was doing, out of the cupboard it came 100+ tshirts, 20+ shirts (I even don’t like wearing shirts), 10+ pairs trousers, 5 blankets, 8 pillows (I generally don’t use pillow to sleep) and the shoe rack had 14 pairs of shoes (and I was working from home for close to last 8 months). There were some t-shirts which I didn’t know if it was there with me and the funny part is there were 12 same black T-shirts from decathlon.

Packing was a nightmare and more nightmarish was the thought of what to do with the remaining clothes. That moment itself, I decided the future of my clothing, “Buy only if you don’t have“. Finally after a lot of struggle and hours of repent, I filled the bag with 5 Shirts, 4 pairs of trousers, 4 pairs of shoes, and 5 T-shirts. Still, this looks more to me but it was unavoidable.

Now the cupboard looks simple and easy to manage with 5 shirts, 8 t-shirts (including gym), 4 pairs of trousers and 4 pairs of shoes. It takes less time to choose what to wear and easy to maintain the laundry. The routine has become very simple, choose one of the shirts and formal trousers for the office. Choose one of the joggers and gym t-shirt for the gym, and opt for the only jeans and one of (WWE merchandise) T-shirt for everywhere else.

Minimalist Cupboard
Minimalist Cupboard

If I sit down to compare, I am saving a lot of time and space for clothes. When it comes to money, the ballpark figure for the previous cupboard could easily be in lakhs of rupees, whereas the current would not even cross Rs. 10K. Add to that the clothes are taken better care of and less expense on laundry as well.

This was a nutshell journey from a non-minimalist cupboard to a minimalist cupboard. The outcome is a simple and quick decision making in the morning when I am already in a rush to office. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. If you want to start a journey of a minimalist lifestyle, read about their 5 traits.

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