How blogging Can Work as a Compound Interest

With the penetration of Internet and availability of content, the length and breadth of job prospect have changed a lot. 10 years before, we had only traditional jobs based on educational degrees. Now we have lots of jobs which got created with the increasing penetration of Internet and some of them are highly lucrative added with the freedom of working at our own comfort. Blogging is one such self-created job which can be compounded with passing time similar to a compound interest. There are many other Online businesses apart from blogging which can provide financial security along with freedom of work Read  10 Online Business   and some more Online Businesses

Blogging as compound interest

Blogging is a hard work and it takes a lot of time to create quality content. Blogging is a  patience game and tests our skill and determination to an extreme level. Unlike other jobs, blogging takes years of consistency, self-belief and pure motive of helping others through knowledge sharing to create credibility and authority in one’s domain. The good part comes after this period when 10% of your content becomes viral and generate 90% of your traffic. These posts help us to establish ourselves a go to option for content related to our niche. By this time, we start generating enough traffic through blogging and revenue starts coming in. More traffic leads to more credibility which again leads to more traffic. This works as a self-publishing machine where you just need to do the hard work to create the framework for automation. There are millions of websites being created every day and nearly the same number of websites are shutting down.  The one who can cross the initial hurdle is only eligible to reap the benefits of this system when your traffic keeps on increasing like compound interest. The entire effort should be concentrated on creating quality content to help others in learning more through our medium of blogging. Only then we can garner loyal visitors who can trust us and let others know about us. As the popular saying goes ” Rome was not built in a day”the same goes for blogging where it’s not a one day game with one-time effort. Blogging is like building a house adding brick by brick to create a strong foundation and then grow fast on that foundation. The actual fruit of blogging can only be tested when our house (blog) starts taking shape and we create a reputation for us in this big crowd of content. Only then we realize how How blogging Can Work as a Compound Interest.

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