How Content Writing can be a Lucrative Career

There are various works which one can do from home and make a living. You can read about a few of the work from home option here and here. One of the popular options which can be done by almost anyone who has an interest in writing is to become a professional content writer. Content writing can be a lucrative career if one can approach it with a plan and a clear strategy.

Content Writing

On the contrary to popular belief, content writing is not restricted to only the English language. By virtue of deeper penetration of the Internet, almost every business/company wants to reach out to the regional audience in their native language. For e.g Flipkart, Amazon India, Economic Times all have launched their applications in multi-language versions to target the native users. This process will culminate to small businesses and content producers in the coming time and anyone who is fluent in writing in any language can make use of this opportunity.

To make content writing a lucrative career, follow these 5 processes to start with.

  1. Start Writing: This may sound extremely naive, believe it or not, but most of the people procrastinate and don’t even start in the fear of not reaching anywhere. The idea is to start writing and over time, the skill improves. There is no doubt that writing is an inherent storytelling skill which also can be learned and worked upon. If you think you like writing and if given an opportunity you would like to make a career out of it, better start it now with whatever you have.
  2. Focus on your best language: As mentioned above, content writing is slowly moving from English to regional languages. To prove the point, you can check for job openings at the world’s top companies like Google, Facebook, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. You will definitely find an opening for Hindi language and a couple of other regional languages. Don’t shift your focus to the English language and try to find work in your native language. The competition is less there and the sooner you make your mark, the better it is in the long run when the competition starts heating up.
  3. Start with small Assignments:Content writing doesn’t pay enough.” This is what we hear normally and to an extent, it’s true with one exception, “Content writing doesn’t pay enoughin the beginning“. Content writing is a brand-building work and not a degree from some top Tier college like IIT or IIM. It will take time to create a portfolio to showcase your skill and your commitment towards the work. Once you are are able to present a case for you, you can slowly start charging more comfortably on the basis of your credibility. To give you confidence, there are many writers who charge Rs.5-6 per word to write an article of the length of this article which becomes like Rs.3000.
  4. Deliver on Time:Talent is the most overrated thing”. No matter how good a writer you are, if you don’t deliver on time the project is worth nothing for your client. Brand credibility is created both on the basis of quality and punctuality. If we miss any of these ingredients, the entire recipe goes for a toss. Most of the time, content writing work comes from existing clients or clients referred by existing clients. This equation makes delivery and quality of work equally important to drive your career in content writing.
  5. Keep searching for new projects: Content writing cannot be a long term project for any client as many times its limited. For example, if this blog needs to be converted to Hindi, we will have a limited work unless and until we decided to rewrite every article in regional languages. Similarly, if any company wants to develop its static website content, its a one time work. Any content writer needs to keep one foot on the accelerator to keep searching for new projects to keep work in their basket.

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