minimalism: how to accept who we are
Minimalism: how to accept who we are

Minimalism: How to accept who we are

Minimalism is intentional and being accepted by ourselves. The whole idea of minimalism is to be happy and content in our own being. How do we accept our happiness? how do we accept being content with what we have? How do we accept who we are? So many questions with only one way to answer each of them. The defined way is to look at ourselves with honest eyes, our own eyes in the mirror. Talking to ourselves and being honest with ourselves is the only way to accept the way we are. The day we can say eye to eye, yes this is me and this is how I am, that day will be the most resonating day for each one of us.

We all are different and have our own individuality. We all have our strengths and our own weaknesses. This trait of being unique makes us human. There is a lot of comparisons, competition and self-doubt around us which makes us think, we are not enough. Why I don’t look like someone else, why I haven’t achieved what they have achieved, why am I not as rich as they are. Most of the time we don’t appreciate what we have as we are busy in being critics of ourselves for not being what somebody else is.

We are forgetting to enjoy small happiness, we have forgotten to smile and appreciate ourselves. Social media is one of the major cause of all unhappiness. There is so much half information being pushed down our throat that we start comparing us to everyone who looks better than us. We see somebody’s image with a fit body and the next thing is we start whining about it. If we see somebody travelling to new countries, we start whining about it. We don’t know what’s happening in their life apart from what they want us to believe. The trend of not appreciating has spread so much that people have extraordinary demands from their spouse relative to what they see on social media. I know a friend of mine ” who had to put a collage of photos with his wife as his WhatsApp DP, moments after they had a big fight”. The single reason is, they should look happy for others as everybody else is looking happy on social media.

It almost seems like we are living for others every moment, we dress for others, we eat for others and the worst of all, we emote for others. The line between vanity metrics and metrics that matter are getting blur every day. We are looking for validations from the outer world, the people who don’t even matter. The vanity metrics are one of the biggest reasons for these insecurities, self-doubt and being not able to accept ourselves as we are. We believe so much in other’s life that we undermine our own achievements and successes.

Recently I read a news where Colin Firth is giving divorce to his wife after 30 years of marriage as he found his wife cheating with her best friend. We must have been amused by Colin firth’s celebrity status and all the glitz and glamour he is offered. Many times we would have felt bad as to why we couldn’t be like him. We don’t know what a person is going through being a happy face on social media. We don’t know what a couple goes through behind all those happy candid photos. We don’t know the complete story. Rather than making our moments better, we try to be like someone. We try to change people, change the environment, change outcomes around us similar to what we see on social media.

Instead of comparison, we must asses ourselves. We must focus to find our strengths and weaknesses to work on it. We might not be good at what our next person is, at the same time we might be good at something else which my next person is not. Accepting ourselves and finding directions accordingly is the biggest recipe for happiness. We all can be bill gates, neither mark Zuckerberg. The best we can do is to be us and improve our skills.

Being content with our position is what minimalism is about. Being happy and content with what we need and what we have is the crux of minimalism. Minimalism is a mental state and the first step of a minimalist lifestyle is to accept who we are. No matter how much we earn, how much we grow there will always be someone better than us. The No.1 position is the most vulnerable position and it can never be constant. The only constant position is our position and the effort we put to maintain/change our position.

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