the limit of overspending

The limit of overspending

Being able to afford doesn’t mean we need to spend unnecessarily. Yes, there are situations where we just can’t avoid overspending, still, can we define the word “enough” or maybe we can define the limit of overspending.

Being frugal or minimalist doesn’t equate to being a miser or someone who is always about savings nickels, rather it is the sense which detaches “over” from “overspending“. Overspending is a subjective term and carries a lot of perspective varying from a person to person and situation to situation. What can sound overspending for someone may look like frugality for some, its all about which side of the line we are. Saying that we all can define the upper limit where it’s just about to cross the sky in perspective to the product or service we are spending.

The limit of overspending

The image is of the bill provided by one of the premier hotels in India. We can’t judge the person here as it’s their choice to spend their hard-earned money wherever they wish to and moreover we don’t know the exact situation. What we can do is to realize, what if I had a choice to make ” would I do it ?” In a country where a family of four can have 3 meals a day for a month at a cost of around Rs.5000, is it worth it to pay the above?

We always have a choice and options to minimize the damage even if we can’t avoid it. A small question to ourself can change the action 360 degrees when it comes to opting for such options. There is nothing wrong with earning a lot of money and spending it lavishly to live a lifestyle, but does it mean spending atrociously. A couple of months back there was an outrage on Virat Kohli ( the Indian cricket captain) washing his car with mineral water. Why ? he can afford it, he can also afford to get water delivered directly from Himalaya.

Were people annoyed at his earning and spending habits, the answer is no. Nobody is annoyed at anyone having a sports car(s), luxury villas or having a private island. What annoys is crossing the limit of overspending, it’s almost like an insult to common people. Just because one can afford doesn’t justify doing it.

Its all about personal judgement, nobody is wrong or right here. Its all about making a choice and obeying it. Its all about justifying our activities to ourselves. If our activities can let our conscience be happy and we can sleep peacefully at night, maybe our choices are right at least for the time being. If you are someone who wants to follow the minimalist lifestyle, you can start from here

Feel free to share your opinion and thoughts. It can be positive, it can be negative at least it will be a conversation.

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