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Why we need Minimalism in India

Minimalism is slowly getting mainstream attention as more and more of us are understanding the ease of this lifestyle. Developed nations have a larger population that follows a minimal lifestyle compared to developing nations like India. With the growing population and the chaos, minimalism in India is the need of the hour. With the huge population, there is a huge number associated with everything, from food wastage to electronic wastage to resource wastage, etc. A country where a big percentage of the population is just surviving to have enough meals a day, a change in a lifestyle from the affluent ones can add a lot to the economy.

I wrote one post on the limit of overspending discussing what is enough. Having the resource doesn’t mean we need to utilize it even if it’s not required. There is a broad line between what is that is enough for a family or for a person to live a lifestyle. Anything beyond that is a sheer waste of resources.

When it comes to India, a minimalist approach to resource utilization can add a lot of value to the other population of the country who are dependent on the top tier 10% population. Education, Business, Job is personal effort and personal choice, but we need minimalism in India in terms of utilization of resources that are equal for every citizen.

Food Wastage: When I was working at Accenture, they used to display daily wastage details in the cafeteria. On any normal day, the number used to be around 400 kg of food waste and this number is just from one cafeteria. We have close to 30 cafeterias collectively at different offices at Accenture in only Bangalore as per my knowledge.

This makes to roughly 12000 Kg of waste from just one IT company per day from one city.

This is really alarming and definitely something that can be controlled with a small effort from each of us. Inflation is directly related to the demand for the commodity. The moment we reduce the wastage, overall demand will be impacted and somewhere in the chain of economy, someone will be benefitted.

Electricity Wastage: There are many villages in India which only get 6 hrs of electricity per day even while being connected to the national power grid. Why? The city which contributes more to the national economy is taken care of first and whatever saved is passed on to the hierarchy.

For someone in a city who has forgotten to switch off their balcony lights while they are sleeping, someone in a village is having their dinner under a kerosene lamp.

It’s only about not using the resources when we don’t need it. Small conscious efforts from everyone can make electricity available for someone in need. We need to understand and make efforts so that basic needs can be equally distributed among all the citizens.

Water Wastage: We can see this everywhere from villages to metro cities, from government offices to our houses. There will be pipe leakages, tap malfunctioning, someone left the tap open just because they are lazy enough to open the tap again if they close. An incident happened with a friend of mine in Bangalore. The caretaker of her building left the water pipe open which he was using for washing the car. When she confronted him, she was ridiculed as this is not her concern and the building gets enough water. These kinds of incidents keep on happening every day throughout the country. Sometimes the civic body is least bothered about it and sometimes we are negligent enough thinking its just a few drops of water. We see the news, read newspapers, etc about the scarcity of water the country is going to face in the next few years, still, the max we do is feel bad about it. We know, there are many people who don’t get clean water to drink. We know there are many places where people spend hours in queue to get a few buckets of water. STILL, WE DON’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

It’s not necessary one becomes a minimalist with what they own or what they use. But, we all must become a minimalist with the usage of resources. Our efforts will benefit somewhere someone in dire need which we might not know of. We don’t lose anything in not using what we don’t need, but someone gains a lot when we do such wonderful acts.

Let’s end this with a couple of lines from one of my all-time favorite songs.

Akela insaan phir gaadi teri chaar kyun?
Ghar mein hai chaar phir rooms tere 8 kyun?

(If you are a single person, why you have 4 cars ?

If you have a 4 member family, why there are 8 rooms ?

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