focus on saving

Why we should not focus on Saving

We all know the importance of saving money. Its always stated everywhere on the internet, adviced by our parents and grandparents that we should start saving as early as we start earning. This may seem an irony when we decide to start discussing why we should not focus on saving.

focus on saving

Yes, focusing on saving actually creates a passive thought in our brains to save the money and don’t stimulate the brain to act on it. The reason being, we are not actually trained to this and we just force the focus on ourselves. Rather what we should focus on is our spending. Our savings is the by-product of our spending. Once we train our brain to spend effectively and on the verticals which actually matter, the by-product gets even bigger. We understand that savings and spending go hand in hand and one can definitely argue that if we save at the beginning of the month, our job is done. The problem comes when we want to buy something and we know there is some saving plan which we can delay and buy the product or service I need. Our brain is not trained to differentiate between need and want and it cannot control the urge for a long time.

This is similar to the situation of a crash diet where one goes for salads for a couple of months and reduce their weight but eventually, this process faze down as it’s not sustainable. Our brain is not trained to eat salad every day throughout our lives and at some point, we start eating junk to meet our cravings and all our effort of crash diet goes into the drain.

Spending money wisely is all about training our brain to find out the effective ways of spending. The way that actually matters and support our well being.  One of the ways of a peaceful living is opting for the minimalist lifestyle. You can read more about the benefits of the minimalist lifestyle here. As discussed spending and savings are like two ends of a see-saw,  if we can put more control over our spending, the sea-saw side of savings will itself go up. There is no need of putting an extra effort to save and plan for it by killing our desires on month on month basis or even day to day basis. This is just about focusing on the right pain point and understanding what is sustainable in the long run.

When we say sustainable habits we mean if we cut down on any of our habits, it shouldn’t make us sad or unhappy. We must feel good about the process rather than just the destination. Feeling good about the destination is a very short-term happiness while on the other hand feeling good about the process, about the journey is what keeps us moving. The journey should be the motivation for achieving any goal rather than the destination. This is true in most of the cases, we can count work life, personal life and everything thing under the same umbrella. Spending wisely, spending only on what is needed rather than what is wanted can become a sustainable process without focusing on savings. If we don’t spend we save, it’s as simple as that.

There is no destination as how much we need to save or how much we need to spend. Its all about understanding the need, spending on fulfilling it and whatever we are left out with becomes our savings. This way of living doesn’t force us for doing anything which our brain is not trained to. The process can be started with small amendments to our daily habits and can be refined slowly over time. To start with you can read some tricks to spending less.

This is again a matter of choice between the different ways of achieving a goal. Some of us may choose to focus on saving over focus on spending and some of us may choose the other way.

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